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What is the difference between RAM and ROM

Whether you talk about a human or a computer, memory plays a significant role. Just like a brain that stores lifelong memories, ROM is the memory of the computer. RAM and ROM are two distinct types of memories. They have different purposes but sound just like brothers. So don’t confuse yourself with the names. Stick to this blog if you are curious to find out more about RAM and ROM.

What is RAM? 

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the core element of a computer. RAM is also known as a temporary space for data storage. It’s temporary because the data stored in it will only last till the device has a power supply.

Since the CPU uses programs, applications, and data simultaneously, it is also loading things to work a moment later. The RAM stores such data and allows it to be read, written, and deleted several times.

Uses of RAM.

You can know RAM as a short-term memory of a computer for your understanding. Whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, mobile, laptop, or smart tv, every device must consist of RAM. A computing device can’t process without RAM.

Like you are working on a table, you would prefer everything to be on it within your reach. You can work more efficiently and quickly when everything is in front of you. Similarly, RAM works fast and efficiently when you access multiple programs and applications. It is actively working every time you are using the CPU in real-time.

It works in a fraction of time, whether it’s reading, writing, or deleting data. RAM is just like the work you are doing on the table. The work which you would like to do later will go in the drawer of that table. So, you can think of that drawer as a hard disk. That will store work for you to do later.

RAM is considered fifty to a hundred times faster than a hard disk. Your one click on the computer can transfer a file from hard disk to RAM for working, just like a word file that has been stored in your hard disk. The data stored on a hard disk is immediately copied to RAM. So, you edit writing on your word file, and it’s swift. It is just because of the RAM in your device.

Are there any types of RAM?

If you have a question in your mind, then you are thinking it right. Yes, there are two types of RAM.


The SRAM is the short form of statistic random access memory. SRAM usually replaces DRAMs in systems that do not need high power consumption. SRAM supplies a speedy direct interface with the CPU that the DRAMs cannot achieve. It is a volatile memory which means the loss of data when disconnected from the power supply.


DRAM is the short form of dynamic random-access memory. It is known as the main memory of your device. Here the data is stored in the form of a bit in a memory cell. The capacitor and transistor which make an integrated circuit are based on metal oxide semiconductor technology. The data bit is stored in a capacitor.

How much RAM do I need?

After reading a lot about RAM, you must have a conclusion in mind. It must be the fact that more RAM in your computer means the faster it works. A typical working device consumes over 2 GB of RAM. There are several options for RAM when you go to buy a new computer. It can be 2GB,4GB,16GB, and higher.

However, the more RAM device will be higher in price compared to a low RAM device. You have to choose it according to your work priority.

A 4GB RAM is enough for browsing or doing simple editing work. You can easily access basic office applications with 4GB RAM. However, if you have heavy tasks or are a pro gamer, you must give it a thought. 8GB or more RAM is needed for such tasks and games. 16GB+ of RAM is mainly selected by people into heavy gaming, programming, or video editing.

What is ROM?

Read-only memory (ROM) is a medium of storage for the permanent storage of data. ROM is also known as non-volatile memory. This means that the stored data is not removed or destroyed by the unavailability of the power supply. The user cannot alter the data prerecorded during manufacturing and the data stored during usage. It only performs the function of reading, unlike RAM.

Uses of ROM.

The ROM consists of all the controls of applications or instructions that you will ever give to your computer or hardware. It has controls for your keyboards, printers and computer system, etc. ROM is composed of BIOS. BIOS means a basic input/output system. ROM is an essential part of your computer because of several reasons.

Firstly, because the data stored in ROM will be permanent, it is not affected by the power supply, unlike RAM. It’s lifelong data. Also, you can replace your ROM anytime and save it anywhere for a long time. You can add a new ROM to your device too. You won’t encounter any virus in your ROM as it doesn’t facilitate any modifying or rewriting. Even the CPU cannot access any data in your ROM. Hence, your data is saved.

Are there any types of ROM?

Yes, just like RAM, ROM also has few types. It can be divided into four types.


PROM is the short form of programmable read-only memory. The data is written on this ROM after its manufacturing. It cannot be erased, hence considered as permanent data.


EPROM is the short form of erasable programmable read-only memory. This specific type of ROM allows itself to be erased and reused. A high-intensity UV light can erase data from this nonvolatile memory chip.


EEPROM is the short form of electrically erasable programmable read-only memory. This is also a non-volatile memory chip; however, its data can be erased using field electron emission. There is no need to take it out for re-writing.


MROM is the short form of masked read-only memory. Unlike PROM, the data for MROM is written during its manufacturing.

Differences between RAM and ROM

As you are stuck through the blog till now, you must have in-depth knowledge of RAM and ROM. Let’s conclude by looking at some significant differences between RAM and ROM.

1. Type of memory

The RAM is volatile temporary storage. The data is removed when the power supply is disconnected.

The ROM is a permanent nonvolatile memory. It is not affected by the disconnection of the power supply.

2. Operating speed

The RAM is a high-speed memory compared to ROM.

The ROM is slower than RAM.

3. Data access

The data in RAM is available to read, erase and modify.

The data in ROM prerecord. Hence it can only be read but cannot be modified.

4. Purpose

The RAM stores real-time data currently processed by the CPU.

The ROM stores permanent data or instructions for the computer.

5. Capacity

The RAM is comparatively larger than ROM and has a great capacity.

The ROM is comparatively smaller in size than RAM and has a lesser capacity.

6. Cost

The RAM costly compared to ROM.

The ROM cheap compared to RAM.

We are glad that you stayed with us till the end. We hope you are incredibly familiar with the ROM/ RAM and the difference between them. Technology is getting advanced day by day we look forward to significant inventions in coming times.

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