How much blood flows through the human body

How much blood is in the human body

How much blood in the human body do we carry in our bodies? And what happens to our blood circulation in stressful situations? These questions and more are clarified here.

Blood is vital. But there’s a problem with blood: if you or I see it, we’ve probably just hurt each other. Fortunately, there is Wolfgang Preis: The pediatrician can not only help you if you’ve been injured but also knows about blood without having to see it. And he says: of course, tall people have more blood than small ones.

How much blood in a human body The amount depends on the weight

Because how much blood a person has depends primarily on how much he weighs. A baby who weighs very little, for example, only has 400 milliliters of blood – about two glasses full. There would be no room for more blood in a baby. A grown man with a lot of muscles, on the other hand, can have up to seven liters of blood, so seven bottles full!

But for that, he has to do a lot of sport. Usually, men have about 5.4 liters of blood, and women around 4.5 liters. This is not only because women often weigh less than men. But also because there is more fat in the female body: for example in the breasts.

These fat cells need less blood than muscle cells because blood is there to supply the body with energy. And fat doesn’t need energy – it actually gives it off: If you eat too much chocolate or French fries, the energy that the body doesn’t need at the moment stores in the belly fat.

If you do a lot of sport, the fat converts back into energy and transports by the blood.

Blood circulation: blood carries energy

The blood does not have to transport the energy to the fat cells. But where do you go then? To where something is being done: in the muscles. The muscles in which a lot of energy need depend on what you are doing. For example, if a lion suddenly appears in front of you at the zoo, your legs get a lot of blood – so you have enough energy to run away. When you are angry and want to spank someone, especially a lot of blood flows into your arms – so that you can hit harder.

Because how hard you can hit depends on how much energy the cells in your arm muscles can burn. Because cells are like fire: in order to function, they need something that they can burn. And oxygen so the fire doesn’t go out.

The blood brings them both. The oxygen is pretty good – it is taken care of by the red blood cells in the blood: They collect the oxygen from the lungs and bring it to the cells that need it at the moment. The nutrients that cells need to burn to produce energy don’t have it easy.

Blood in human body has many tasks: bringing oxygen and nutrients to muscles

They arise when the intestines digest what we eat – for example, sugar produce. But no red blood cell comes to pick up the sugar. He just has to rush into the bloodstream and get out of the cells again.

The main purpose of the blood is to transport oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. This is why an athlete needs so much more blood than a normal man – and a big one more than a short one.

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