Difference between Spring and spring boot


Spring VS Spring Boot

What is Spring Framework?

In Java, the most popular and renowned application development is Spring. There is a various significant feature of it that make it an ideal choice to use. Difference between spring and spring boot Inversion of Control (IoC) and dependency injection are among their primary features.  It is possible to develop and design the application with loose coupling through the use of Spring Framework. Indeed, Spring Framework is the most popular choice when the characteristics or application type are defined quite purely.

What is Spring Boot?

It is papular as one of the modules of Spring Framework. It is of keen significance due to its salient features. The most valuable of it includes the ability to build the application stand-alone. Spring Boot can develop any application with zero or minimal configurations. It is beneficial to use Spring Boot to develop an easy, convenient, and simple RESTful service or Spring-based application.

Difference between spring and spring boot

Application Development

Spring Framework is responsible for developing more production applications. However, in Spring Boot, there is the shortening of codes for developing any Web Application. It is simply the codes to add on more relaxation for the programmer.


The dependences are not defined through any automatic approach. The developers have to define dependencies with extreme care through the manual approach for the Spring project. These define in the form of pom.xml. One of its limitations is that it is not supportive of the in-memory database. However, in Spring Boot, several plugins help in working for the in-memory database.

When we discuss the primary feature of Spring Framework, then it is dependency injection. However, for the Spring Boot, the primary feature is Autoconfiguration. This feature is responsible for configuring the classes automatically.


In the case of Spring Framework, one has to pay extreme attention. It is necessary to use the codes most efficiently. There must not be any error in the codes else, and no process would execute flawlessly. Indeed, if you have to carry out any minimal task, you need to write a considerable code deal. These are the boilerplate codes about whom the developer needs to be much cautious and attentive. However, the latest module, Spring Boots, ideally overcome this issue. It comes up with ease to the developer and hence leads towards the reduction of boilerplate code. Hence, the developer can get the word done with the use of minimal codes.


It is necessary to test the project before delivering it to the client. Hence, when it is about the Spring project, its testing is possible through the server set up. The explicit setting of the server gives the green light about the project that it is a successful one. However, in the case of Spring Boots, there embed servers. The most common of these are Jetty and Tomcat.

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It is much easier and convenient for the Spring Boots developer to launch. However, it is a bit difficult for the developer to launch Spring Framework. The management and customization of Spring Boot are also much easier, and it comes up with production-ready features.


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