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How to start a conversation?

Some people feel very self-deprived when it comes to starting a conversation. They hesitate to start a conversation even when they want it desperately because the confidence is not there. They feel awkward because their mind calculates the different (unwanted) scenarios in a single moment, leading to confusion. These people struggle to break the ice; sometimes it happens because of overthinking, sometimes the personality conflicts are the reason, and most of the time due to lack of confidence. 

Then some people think they are very good at starting a conversation and making the person next to them comfortable, but they might not be as interesting or as good as they think they are. Overconfidence is the main reason for such cases. 

To have a productive and healthy conversation you must need to engage the person you are going to have a conversation with. In some scenarios you need to start the conversation first because there is no second option and in some cases, you have the chance to either you can start or be awkwardly silent for example, you are at a meeting with your new colleagues and you need to make them comfortable or you are waiting in a long line for your turn and you are getting bored. So, to avoid this kind of situation there are some handy tricks to learn and these tricks may vary on the basis of the type of conversation you are going to start.

  1. The first and basic thing to do for a healthy conversation is to stop making yourself interesting. Instead, show your interest in the other person, try to make other people comfortable, win his/her confidence by showing your keen interest in them. For example, ask them about their daily routine, health, etc.
  2. Make sure the person you will engage is in this with you. Find quick mutual interests and comment on a very obvious thing happening around you. For example, when you are getting late, sual. Basics are to understand that when you are getting latest, you both are in this together
  3. Complimenting a person can also be a good conversation starter. This trick can help you break the ice at any event until and unless you do not start overdoing this. For example, complimenting someone’s dress can help you to start a conversation. Appreciating someone’s attitude can also help in breaking the ice.
  4. Noticing something productive and positive can also get a conversation going in an interesting way. This technique can help you set a tone for a healthy conversation. With a person next to you. With whom you are trying to have a productive talk. For example, did you attend the conference last week? It was an amazing experience.
  5. Sometimes asking a relevant question can be handy in initiating the talk. When you ask someone about their opinion. It shows you are interested in them and value their thoughts. For example, what are your views on climate change?
  6. One of the best options is to Offer help or your assistance to someone, this can be a very positive ice breaker. For example, Do you need a hand? Seems you have a lot to carry on your shoulder.
  7. Asking for help or information can also help you in this regard. 

Once you get your conversation started, You should keep the talks small and always look for common grounds.

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