How to fix scratches on car?

How to fix scratches on car?

How to fix scratches on car: Cars and other vehicles have vital significance in our lives. We can go from one place to another in minutes or hours. They have made our lives easier and convenient. In the following article, we get to know about How to fix scratches on car? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

But negligence, road accidents, dirt, automatic car wash, and friction deform the car surface unevenly and roughly. These uneven, rough, and scraped surfaces are called scratches. Scratches make the car insignificant and reduce the attractiveness of vehicles too. We can make the car smooth, even, attractive and magnificent by using some tips. There are many ways to fix the coat scratches.

Old Tip

People often use toothpaste and brush to remove the scratches, but it is not appreciable because they only disappear for some time. It reappears again after drying the surface.

Top Tip

You need only five steps to follow if the scratches are clear coated. You can get rid of this problem in the home using the products, which will cost you only a couple of bucks.

How to differentiate between clear coat scratch and deep scratch?

Take some soapy water and spray it onto the scratches of your car. If the scratches disappear after washing and then reappear on dry, it means you have coated scratches. If the scratches remain the same after washing with soapy water, the scratches are deep.

First Step 

To remove the dirt and debris, clean the scratchy area with soapy spray efficiently. Wash with a clean tag-free towel because the tag causes more scratches.

Second Step

Mask the area to know where the scratch is. Put the Tape up and down, away about half inches of the affected area, so that paint blends smooth.

Third Step

If the scratch grabs your nail, then use 5000 grit sand scratch. If not, use 3000 grit sand scratch instead of 5000 grit. Wrap the kitchen sponge in the sandpaper. Wet the sponge and scratched area too. Rub the wet sponge perpendicular to the scratch with medium pressure. After every 20-25 s, clean the area to inspect your work. Continue it for 10-15 minutes until scratches disappear. If the scratches are still present, use 5000 grit sand scratches. Do the same with 5000 grit. Rub the wet sponge onto the wet scratch in a circular motion, not perpendicularly. Continue until you have removed your scratches.

Fourth Step

After vanishing scratches, wipe off the area with a clean microfiber towel to avoid the dust. Remove the tapes and apply the polish onto the towel you have not used yet. Rub this towel onto the area of your car in a circular motion. Apply medium pressure on the towel and circulate. Use a polish that tends to remove the fine scratches and swirl marks. Remember! Polish you are using must have grits 5000-10,000 in it. Again take an ample amount of polish on a clean microfiber towel and rub it on the car in a circular motion. Repeat this process twice. After polishing the scratched area, use a dry towel to remove extra polish on the surface.

Fifth Step

The last step is to put a protective layer. It is the most crucial step. Use paste wax instead of liquid and rub it onto the surface. It protects the clear coat. It is as simple as waxing off. Wait a minute to haze up.

Clean the car. It has done now. There are no more scratches on the vehicle. You don’t want to see an expert for removing the scratches from the car. In a few minutes, you can get a clear coat at home.

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