How to cancel Amazon order?

How to cancel Amazon order?

While ordering a new product or making a purchase on Amazon or at any other online shopping website or mobile phone application, there is kind of ambiguity that comes to users’ mind especially when they order from a new seller or when they try something new (kind of an experimental or unnecessary purchase). Consumers have second thoughts about whether They are making the right purchase decision or their money will be wasted. In the following article, we get to know about How to cancel an Amazon order? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

How to cancel an Amazon order?

Amazon is one of the biggest online markets to sell or purchase products. Ordering from Amazon is a smooth and swift procedure containing simple and easy steps. Still, when it comes to canceling an order or returning the Order, the process becomes a little tricky. Customers often face confusion or change of mind during or after placing an order. And after placing the Order, they decide to cancel their Order.

To cancel an order from Amazon, there are two ways;

  • Canceling an Order from the Amazon Mobile Application
  • So, canceling an Order from the Website (

Canceling an Order from the Amazon Mobile Application

To cancel an order from the mobile application of Amazon following steps are needed to follow;

  • Go to the Amazon app on your mobile 
  • Tap on small (3 lines) grid at the top of the Amazon Mobile App home screen
  • Bar with different menus will pop up where you can see the “Your Orders” option tap on that. A customer can check the details and status of orders they have placed in this option.
  • It will show the Order’s details. Select the Order you want to cancel.
  • Click on “Cancel Items” under the Order details on the screen.
  •  Amazon will ask for a reason to cancel the Order.
  • Select on the valid reason you think of from the list of reasons mentioned by Amazon

After selecting a reason, you will get a response from Amazon, depending on the status of your order. For example, when your order is ready for shipment, you will get ‘Your Order is being prepared for shipment, you are attempting to cancel it now. We will email you as soon as the status changes. Shortly you will get a confirming email from amazon that your Order has been canceled like the email you receive after successfully placing an order that your order has been placed successfully. 

Canceling an Order from the Website (

The process of canceling an order on a website ( is more or less the same as on a mobile app, but due to some interface and different visibility of webpage, it creates a little hurdle to go to right directions.

  • Go to in a web browser
  • Log in with your Amazon account details
  • Look for “Orders” on the next screen (located on the top right side of the web page)

  • Then click on the given option “Orders,” it will take you to “Your Orders.”
  • On this page, you need to go to “Open Orders” and Navigate the desired Order you want to cancel 
  • After locating the Order, next to the Order, there is an option to “Cancel Items.” 

Click on the cancel items, and you will get a response from response depending upon the (tracking) status of your Order.

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