How long is a cover letter be?

How long is a cover letter be?

A cover letter is a document enclosed with your resume or resume and is also called a cover page or cover page in Japanese. I want to retain it as a business etiquette when sending selection documents to the applicant company, but the cover letter (of course, it will be in English!) Attached to the English resume submitted when changing jobs to a foreign-affiliated company or overseas is. It is not a “cover page” but a “powerful tool for passing document screening.” We will show you how to write a cover letter that will lead to a successful career change with a practical appeal so that recruiters will be interested in your resume from among the many resumes (resumes)

The cover letter is an important document that can be used for self-appeal!

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a document attached to an English resume, and appeal points other than work histories, such as motivation for aspiration and self-promotion, are described here. It’s an essential document because it’s the first thing recruiters read. It is necessary to effectively self-appeal with a cover letter so that people will think, “Let’s take a look at your resume.”

Points on how to write a cover letter

As a guide, make sure that the length fits on one sheet of A4 size paper (3-4 paragraphs), and keep the following points in mind.

Checkpoints before submitting a cover letter

Check the following checkpoints before submitting any documents to make sure your cover letter is complete.

Your name and contact information

Did you write your name and contact information at the top of the cover letter?

Your contact information is in the following order

Full name

Francis B. Johnson (full name)


4471 Ashcraft Court San Diego, CA 92123

telephone number

Tel (+ ▲▲)-△-▲▲▲▲-△△△△


■■■. ■■■ @ □□□ .com

Recruiter’s name and contact information

Did you write the name and contact information of the hiring manager you submitted under your name and contact information?

Sending contact information in the following order

Full name

Mr. □□□ ■■■ (full name)

company name

◆◆◆◆◆ Co., Ltd.


◆◆◆◆◆, ◇◇◇◇◇, UK, ▲▲▲-△△△△

Suppose you don’t know the name of the person in charge. In that case, the greeting may be written as “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern” without specifying the destination, but if possible, contact the company you want to apply for and ask the person in charge. Check the name and create it with a specific term.

Greetings to the person in charge

Dear Mr. ■■■

Dear Ms. ■■■

* ■■■ is the surname

<If you do not know the name of the hiring manager>

Dear Hiring Manager

To Whom It May Concern

Jobs you want to apply for

Whether you have clearly stated which job you want to apply for.

Appeal the required skills

Did you write an appeal for the skills required for the job you want to apply for? When appealing a skill, list the skills and write down the skill level and specific achievements and experiences.

Why do you deserve this job?

Whether you have stated a good reason for this job after the part that appeals to the required skill.

Actively appealing motivation

Appeal your willingness to apply for the last part of the cover letter. Show a positive attitude, such as inviting them to read the English resume that accompanies them or contacting them later to discuss more details.

Double-check for spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes

Double-check for typographical errors and grammatical mistakes. Ask your native English friends to see you or use the native English check service.

Isn’t it the contents of the English resume and the round cover?

A cover letter is a “concise summary” of your appeal. It is NG to copy and paste the contents written in the English resume as it is. Put only the critical points in your cover letter and write other details in your resume.

Do you use too much “I”?

Be careful not to overuse the first person “I.” The “I” has the nuance of stating things from your point of view and starting all sentences with an “I” gives you an egocentric image.

Are you reusing one cover letter?

The cover letter highlights why you are suitable for the job you are applying for. Suppose you use the cover letter that you made once for job change activities unnecessarily. In that case, there is a possibility that the content written in the cover letter and the image of the person required to apply for the job will not match, and on the contrary, it will give a bad idea to the hiring manager. I will provide it.

Checkpoints for emailing a cover letter

When changing jobs overseas, we often send cover letters, resumes, and application-related documents by email. When you send a cover letter or continue in English by email, a little ingenuity 

will make the communication between you and the hiring manager smoother and give a good impression.

The subject of the email is your name and the job you are applying for

Add “your name” and “jobs to apply” to the email’s subject line to make it easier for recruiters to recognize the email.

Example) Subject: Francis B. Johnson, Sales Manager Position

<When sending a cover letter as an attachment>

Send in PDF

Save and submit the cover letter as a PDF to avoid garbled characters and problems with the file’s structure.

Name the file with your name.

Keep the file name your own so that you don’t mistake it for other applicants.

Example) Francis B. Johnson_coverletter.pdf

<When sending a cover letter in the body of the email>

Send in simple text

Do not change the color of the text in the body of the email or use bold or unique fonts. Different companies use different email software, and colored text may not be displayed clearly. Colors and bold letters intended to make it easier to read will make it harder to read.

Could you send it to yourself for confirmation?

Before actually sending the other party, send an email to yourself once and check the contents of the email. Check if the email is displayed and the attached file can be downloaded properly, and if there is no problem, send it to the other party. Instead of forwarding the email addressed to you as it is, sends it as a new email.

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