How to draw a bunny?

How to draw a bunny?

I want to draw a cute rabbit, but I don’t understand the animal’s body … Rabbits are popular animals because of their lovely appearance, and I think many people want to draw cute rabbit illustrations. In this article, we read about How to draw a bunny?

So, this time, let’s take a look at how to draw from the illustration by Mr. Iguchi Hospital, who summarized the rabbit drawing course on Pixiv!

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How to draw a rabbit

This is a commentary on the body of a rabbit picked up by Inokuchi Hospital. It is a detailed explanation unique to those who keep rabbits, such as when they calm down, their ears bounce, when they sniff, they stop when they sleep, and there are no paws.

(1) Before drawing the details of the rabbit, I make parts with simple figures and draw Atari. This rabbit drawing course is about how to remove your style at Inokuchi Hospital.

(2) Make a rabbit shape.

-The face is streamlined to reduce air resistance.

・ The ears are thin, and important blood vessels are stretched around, and it also plays a role in thermoregulation.

・ Be aware of the torso to draw a bunny.

(3) I will flesh it out.

  • There is almost no gap between ears.
  • Eyes are far away.
  • The hair on the cheeks is fluffy.
  • It has a herbivore-like eye structure and a wide field of view.

  • (4) Gives a fluffy feeling to draw a bunny.

-Draw the headline (non-outlined part) as much as possible with a dotted line to give it a soft feel.

  • Be aware that there are many eyelashes, and the beard is rugged.
  • Rabbits of girls have a collar (sometimes even boys).
  • Make the area around the nose slightly pink.

(5) Grow limbs.

  • The area of ​​the outskirts is probably for “chewing.”
  • It looks short, and the hind legs are pretty long.
  • The tail is thin, and it moves pico-pico when you feel good.

  • The cute rabbit is complete!

In addition, there are various ways to draw rabbits, such as picture books, LINE stamps, accessories, and real ones. It seems better to remember that attaching a paw to a rabbit will make you feel uncomfortable.

A real rabbit and a deformed rabbit. The cutest thing is the real thing, 

Summary to draw a bunny

It will be much easier to draw a cute rabbit by replacing it with a simple figure and taking a hit and drawing with an awareness of the points that express the rabbit-likeness. If you want to draw an illustration of a rabbit.

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