How to plan a wedding?

How to plan a wedding?

Planning a wedding is not easy. Where to start How do you keep track of things? And most importantly, how do you avoid stress? Preferably with a good plan! We’ll tell you now how to create it and what to look out for! In the following article, we get to know about How to plan a wedding? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Plan a wedding in 14 steps

1. Accept the marriage proposal to plan a wedding

Did he propose to you? The first step: say yes! Celebrate with your loved one, tell all your friends and most important people and above all: Enjoy the great happiness!

Indulge in the anticipation and savor every moment of this wonderful feeling so that you can remember it for a long time.

2. Set a date to plan a wedding

Here we go! Start planning your wedding! You are sure to quickly find a nice date for the wedding ceremony and the subsequent wedding celebration. Anniversaries, special calendar days, and other times that connect you with each other are good.

Once you have set your date, you should send your guests a save-the-date card so that they can reserve the day of your wedding for you in good time.

3. Find people to help you plan to plan a wedding

Your groomsmen are well suited for this. Ideally, they will look forward to the big day with you. They support you with words and deeds. Especially when it comes to the big handicrafts for the wedding.

4. Set your budget to plan a wedding

Planning the budget for the wedding is never fun, but unfortunately, it is necessary.

It is good to make a rough plan for the individual items in order to be able to orientate yourself during further wedding planning. So you can quickly see where you can save and where you may face additional costs.

5. Find your wedding colors to plan a wedding

In principle, inspiration is a beautiful thing and we can all agree that Pinterest is a real gold mine of inspiration for wedding planning. But if you have a choice, you are often spoiled for choice, especially when it comes to wedding decorations.

6. Create a guest list to plan a wedding

The guest list for the wedding requires a sure instinct. With close relatives and close friends, the decision will be easy for you, but what about work colleagues, neighbors, and distant relatives?

Who do you really want to have with you on your wedding day and how do you draw the line? The best way to do this is to ask yourself how much you really have to do with different people in your private everyday life. Our guest list game is also helpful. This short game is a fun way to make a quick decision.

7. Find your location to plan a wedding

As soon as you have determined who you are going to invite to your wedding celebration and how many wedding guests you are expecting, it is time to book the wedding location.

The size and type of location always depend on the number of your guests and your wedding motto.

8. Invite your guests to plan a wedding

Your wedding invitations give the first impression of your wedding. You should design your invitation cards accordingly. Do you celebrate under a certain motto? – Then your wedding cards should pick up on this motto.

But above all: Be creative and have fun designing your cards. It’s easier than you think! 

9. Organize your wedding service providers

The wedding buffet stands or falls with a good caterer. The stylist, the wedding photographer, the band, or the wedding DJ are at least as important. Because all these people help you to make your wedding a unique experience.

Find out in good time which wedding photos you like and which photographer masters this style. Decide on your bridal styling and make a trial appointment for the make-up and the bridal hairstyle. A call to the nearby hotel also makes sense if you need a room for your wedding guests.

10. Attention fashion show! – Find your wedding dress

The time has come! This one thing we women dreamed of as children are finally becoming a reality. It goes to the wedding dress fitting and the following applies:

Try on so many wedding dresses until you feel dizzy with happiness! And don’t worry, you will feel it when you have found the right wedding dress for you.

Also, think about the right lingerie and bridal jewelry so that the outfit is perfect on the wedding day.

11. Which flower arrangements fit?

Hardly any wedding decoration can do without flower arrangements. Even a bride without a bridal bouquet is almost unthinkable. Therefore: off to a trusted florist!

Before the appointment, think about which flowers you like and which color combination you like. Write down your questions and think about where you would like a flower decoration.

Would you like a fancy centerpiece made from real flowers? Do you need gypsophila to decorate your church pews or chairs at the wedding?

12. Determines the seating arrangements

Nobody likes to sit all alone in a group of people they don’t know. He’s even less keen to sit squashed with no legroom next to someone he doesn’t like. Sensitivity is therefore required when it comes to the perfect seating arrangement. But where is the best place to start planning?

The easiest way to plan the seating arrangement is by hand if you have already drawn up a guest list and know who is coming.

If you decide to have a fixed seating arrangement, make sure that the guests you sit next to each other also have something to tell each other. Common interests make for great topics to talk about.

We have summarized more tips for the good planning of a seating arrangement and the traditional seating arrangement at the bridal table: The optimal seating arrangement for the wedding.

13. Do whatever it takes

A wedding without a little glue on your fingers and a little glitter on your face? Hard to imagine, right?

Invite your friends to do handicrafts together and transform simple wooden sticks into magical wedding walls, make small guest favors or cut out photo box accessories together.

Regardless of which craft ideas you want to realize, a craft evening together turns this into a unique experience with a memory factor.

14. Relax

With all the wedding preparations, don’t forget to take a breath every now and then! Treat yourself to a little break together with your partner. You will see that with a clear head it is much easier to plan the last steps of the wedding.

You should especially use the days before the big day to relax. So you can look forward to the big day without any stress. Have confidence that your planning for the wedding day was perfect and enjoy the time.

15. Hurray! The big day!

You have planned, taken hurdles, mastered problems, and made compromises. What else should go wrong now?

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