How to find out your blood type?

How to find out your blood type?

The first thing to do in order to find out your blood group is to analyze your own documents, namely your medical record and passport. For many, it is spelled out in the form of a cipher: I – 0 or 00; II – A or 0A; III – B or 0B; IV – AB. In addition to the blood group, the Rh factor can also be found in these documents, it is designated by the letter combination Rh. Above there will be a sign “+” or “-“, which means a positive or negative Rh factor. In this article, we read about How to find out your blood type?

Can the blood type change?

If there is no such data in the passport and medical card, then you should contact a medical institution. The one whose group has already been determined can confine himself only to a question to his local therapist. The rest will have to go through a special analysis.

Where can I get a blood group test?

You can determine the blood group at any medical center or clinic. You can contact the registry, or you can contact your therapist if the clinic is at your place of residence. There they will issue a referral according to which the specialist will take the blood, and then send it to the laboratory.

Where is the service free?

Typically, in hospitals and clinics, such tests are performed only on admitted patients whose treatment includes blood transfusions. However, in some regions and polyclinics, this service is free for patients who applied at their place of residence. You can find out this information by contacting a specific medical institution.

Also, blood group determination may be included in the list of free services provided under the compulsory health insurance policy (MHI). However, it should be borne in mind that this list differs depending on the insurance organization that issued the CHI and the region of residence.

You can also find out your blood group and Rh factor for free at a blood transfusion station. But for this, you need to become a donor.

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