How to dice an onion

How to dice an onion. The onion, for me, or at least in my kitchen, is undoubtedly part of the indispensable and precious ingredients. I like to think of her (as well as garlic, herbs, salt) as the right arm of the protagonist in the stories, without which the hero could fail the mission at some point. Discreet but fundamental presence, it is also important how you treat it to get the most out of it: in this tutorial, I’ll explain how to cut the onion 

The onion is unequivocally the queen of sautées, and, for this use, the correct way to cut it is certainly diced even if some chefs prefer thin half-moons. Slicing into slices or rings is preferable for salads or frying.


For a sautéed, the more you can get small cubes. The more the essence of the onion will release and contribute to the recipe. This cut is feasible in 4 steps:

  • Peel the onion: remove both ends, then wholly peel off the outer skin
  • Two Halves: Cut the onion in half, keeping the two ends as poles
  • First cut: transfer the first half with the flat side to the work surface and, holding it firmly and paying attention, make cuts parallel to the surface. Start from the base and work your way up to the root without cutting the onion altogether.
  • Second cut: maintaining the position of the sliced ​​onion now vertically

CRESCENT CUT: How to dice an onion

Peel the onion, cut it in half and place one half on the work surface, with the flat side in contact. Obtain the crescents by slicing the onion vertically, with incisions of the thickness you prefer.

CUT WITH WASHERS: How to dice an onion

Start with an onion that has been peeled and removed on both ends. Place it whole on the worktop without letting one end rest on the top but keeping the round side in contact. Hold the onion firmly and slice it vertically. The onion makes in concentric sections that start from the root to get to the opposite part. The most rounded part corresponds to the “equator” of the vegetable. If you cut the onion vertically starting from the end, you will not get the whole ring.

Now that you have seen how to cut the onion, you will only have to resist tears… but your recipe now has the right conditions for a happy ending.
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