How to write an Article?

How to write an Article?

In the following article, we get to know about How to Write an Article? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

How to write an Article?

The writing of an academic article must be precise, rigorous, and clear. I share some tips to make it easier for you:

  1. Write exactly what you want to say, and nothing more than that.
  2. Share an idea or hypothesis from the beginning. This is so that the reader knows what you will demonstrate in the article.
  3. Be rigorous.
  4. Use precise and unambiguous language. Include technical terms for your discipline that are appropriate, and define how you use other terms.
  5. Get to the point.
  6. Don’t use flowery, literary, or baroque language.
  7. Do not try to include your ideas on other topics only peripherally related.
  8. If something is very important, put it in the main text, and if it is less important, put it in a footnote. If it’s not important, don’t include it. This will enhance the impression that all the material in your item is of high quality.

“The good, if it is brief, is twice as good”

Cicero was right. Do not spend more than necessary. That said, you have to know that the lengths of articles published in magazines range from a few to more than 10,000 words to write an article. Regarding the style, follow the indications of the magazine you have chosen to write an article. You will find the specifications on their website. Usually in a section titled Guide for Authors, or a similar title to write an article.


When you have completed the writing, read your work several times before submitting it. Read it many times. Make sure you submit your best work to write an Article. Eliminate everything that is unsafe, everything doubtful, everything objectionable. If you have a trusted colleague in your discipline, ask him to read it and give you his opinion to write an article. Spelling and grammar must be impeccable. If the work is in a language other than your native language, you can hire an editing or proofreading service to write an article, or ask a native-speaking colleague to proofread it.

What are peer-reviewed journals?

The publication in specialized journals peer (in English, peer-reviewed journals ) is the way communication takes place within communities of specialists in all academic disciplines. It is also the way in which an author or researcher shows that they have had a high-quality production, and therefore it is a key piece of information not only academically, but also for the workplace, from being hired to being promoted.

How to be original so that my article is published?

In a peer-reviewed article, the academic must present a new contribution to his discipline, which is precisely what he communicates to his peers through the publication of the work. This means that your article must contain something different, new, or original.

It is better if that originality is explicit from the introduction, and in the conclusion. It is very important to avoid plagiarism, even unconscious, by means of in-text citations to the works of other authors when referring to their ideas or results.

Indirect quotes, if you want to be safe, use quotation marks whenever you copy three words or more from another author, with the corresponding reference. This is not to the detriment of your work but rather shows that you have read the academic literature on the subject you are talking about. Do not cite popular, journalistic publications, or unreliable sources, always go to the original scientific article.

I wish you luck!

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