How to do a push up?

How to do a push up?

Having a healthy life is the priority of everyone. Having a healthy life means that you should be active and smart, your physique should be good, and your mind should be dynamic and relaxed. To achieve all these goals, you have to take a healthy diet. But if your goal is to look good and handsome, you need a perfect body for that. For this desire, you need a workout plan. In the following article, we get to know about How to do a push up? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Workout plan includes:

If we talk about workout plans, then there are many things to say. Because workout plans contain many exercises which are not possible to discuss in a single article. But I have an activity for those guys who want to look good and are interested in perfecting their physique. And that exercise we call pushups. In this article, I will guide you on how to perform this exercise and which body part you can train with this exercise.

How to perform it:

There are a lot of techniques to perform this exercise. Below we have discussed all the methods.  

1 Straight pushup:

The first type of pushup is a straight pushup. To perform this exercise, you need to lay down on a flat surface. Remember that your back should be towards that sky, and your calcaneus should also be towards the roof. Straight your arms and put your hands on the ground. The distance between your both hands should be 1 arm, which means they should be in a line of your shoulders. Now start push-ups by reaching towards them so that your chest should be very close to the ground when you go down and then move back. Repeat the procedure for as long as you can. This exercise will affect your chest from the middle. It will train your triceps also.

2 Incline pushups:

To perform this exercise, you need a bench for this. Bend towards the bar and put your hands on it. The gap between your both hands should be perfect, which means it should be in a line of your shoulders. Your feet should be at a distance from the bench. Straighten your back,  keep your face at an angle, and look down. Now start performing the exercise like in straight pushups, but the difference is that your chest should be very close to the bench when you go down and, after that, go to the initial position. Repeat the procedure as many times as you can. The result will be quite different from the straight pushups. It will train your upper chest.

3 Decline pushups:

Performing decline pushups is also very simple and easy. To make it possible, you need a small stool. Make a pushup position, but your feet should be on the seat. Your hands should be on the ground, and the distance between both hands should be in the line of your shoulders.

Now you are in the sloping position. Look towards the bottom and start performing the exercise by moving down towards the ground and then back to the initial stage. Repeat this exercise according to your stamina. This exercise will train your lower chest.

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