How to take a screenshot of the laptop screen

How to take a screenshot of the laptop screen?

In this guide, you’ll know how to take a screenshot of the laptop screen. Follow the methods below to do it easily.

Shortcuts to take a screenshot of the laptop screen

  1. Full-screen screenshot: The shortcut keys for different notebook screenshots are different because of differences in keyboards. The tested notebook shortcut key is FN+Prt sc (you can directly press Prt sc on win8 or above, depending on the situation). The letters on some laptop keyboards may not be prt sc to take a screenshot of the laptop screen. For example, Dell’s laptop keyboards are written as Ins. Anyway, it is what PrintScreen means. You can find this key by looking for it on the keyboard. After seeing it, open the drawing tool and press Paste (shortcut key Ctrl+V). (The desktop computer is Ctrl+PrintScreen, the follow-up operation is the same as above )
  2. Screenshot of the current window: Alt+PrintScreen can take a screenshot of the current window. Just paste it into the system drawing tool above (you can also directly paste ctrl+V to other drawing software, such as Meitu Xiuxiu, Light and Shadow Magic Hand and PS, etc.). Unlike the full-screen capture above, this screenshot shortcut is to capture the window you currently open. For example, if you are reading this article, the screenshot is the image of the browser. If you are chatting in QQ, the screenshot is the image of the chat window you opened.
  3. Windows10 system comes with a screenshot tool shift+win+s or clicks Start→All Applications→Select Windows Accessories→Screenshot Tool (click on the triangle behind the new creation, optional screenshots in any format, rectangular screenshots, window screenshots, full-screen screenshots)

2. pic pick screenshot function (recommend a personal favorite, many choices.)

The screenshot function includes a full-screen screenshot, active window screenshot, window control screenshot, scroll screenshot, rectangular screenshot, fixed area screenshot, arbitrary shape screenshot, repeat last screenshot.

Method 3: Input method screenshot plug-in, taking Sogou input method as an example, you can also use QQ pinyin, etc. You can also use screenshots! (Screenshot shortcut “Ctrl + Shift+ any unoccupied letter” is required to switch to Sogou input method).

Method 4: Chat tool screenshot plug-in. Take qq as an example. As long as you run QQ, you can use the shortcut key “Ctrl+Alt+A” to take a quick screenshot even if QQ is minimized! QQ Free Screenshot Tool: Open QQ’s “Settings” on your computer, find the “Hot Key,” click “Set Hot Key,” and view the shortcut of screenshots. You can use QQ screenshots in this way.

  1. WeChat screenshot tool: open WeChat on the computer, enter the WeChat settings and view the WeChat screenshot shortcut. The default screenshot of WeChat is the same as QQ. Change the shortcut of the WeChat screenshot to “Alt+A.”
  2. In the win seven system, screenshots are more convenient because the system comes with a screenshot tool. Open the “Start”-“Programs”-“Accessories”-“Screenshot Tool” in the lower-left corner of the computer in turn.
  3. The mobile phone also has the function of taking screenshots!

Different mobile phones may have other buttons for screenshots, so please check. For example, you can take a screenshot on a Huawei mobile phone by pressing “Volume Down” + “Power Button” simultaneously.

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