How to screen record on Mac?

How to screen record on Mac?

Apple is a well-renowned company that has introduced many gadgets with the latest technology and features. However, it becomes a status symbol too. In the following article, we get to know about How to screen record on Mac? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Apple has introduced a series of iPhones, and every phone has some distinguishing features. Like phones, Apple also has a series of iPods,iPads, and computers or laptops commonly known as mac. Moreover, every product of apple has an option of the screen record.

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Furthermore, many platforms do not allow anyone to save pictures or videos directly. So, iPhone has a feature to do screen recording, and it directly saves into the gallery of the device.

Mac also has an option of it. Let’s discuss how can you do screen recording on it.

Steps to learn screen recording on mac

Following are the steps that will guide you to learn screen recording on a MacBook.

1- It also has an option to take a screenshot through various ways, but to capture or record a video, head to the QuickTime of your mac.

2- There is an option ‘file’ on the top of the screen. Tap on it.

3- Hit the option ‘new screen recording’, and the video starts recording.

4- It also gives you an option to record the whole screen, or by moving the cursor, you can also drag it to the part which has to be registered.

5- There are many apps on the store that you can download on your device. You can start recording within a few minutes and allow a few requirements by giving it access.

6- There is also an option to record while open mic, which helps you to not only record the sound of the moving video on screen but yours or your surrounding as well.

Conclusion to screen record on Mac

Many videos on social media platforms are not saved, or these platforms don’t allow to keep it on the phone directly. You have to source it externally either you can use the phone feature, or you can do it by downloading any other app. Some apple features are very useful and indicate the latest technology adopted by the particular company. The steps mentioned in the article above will guide you the best about how to do screen recording on mac. Iphones have a direct option on the control panel to record it, but mac has a different operating system. If you have any query, detail or review, drop it below in the comments section.

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