How to get rid of fever?

How to get rid of fever

We feel a fever when our body’s temperature is unusually higher than the usual normal one. Fever is caused mostly by a viral infection that can take two to three days to lower the intensity level. Many symptoms can indicate that you are suffering from fever. The most common one is the body’s chills when suffering from fever. Even when the weather is warm or hot, the body may feel cold, and in worst cases, shivering may start, which may worsen the patient’s condition. Other symptoms include watery eyes, light or severe headache, persistent body pain or muscular pain, body rash in severe cases, and puffy eyes with redness. 

Some people may suffer from vomiting and continuous nausea, resulting in weakness and dizziness. Prolonged nausea may also lead to untimed and sudden fainting, which can be very harmful.

Ways to break a fever

As stated above, fever caused by a viral infection that feeds upon the immune system of your body and starts to shut down the first-line defence mechanism. If your immunity is normal, you are supposed to cover yourself and rest as much as possible. Fever can sometimes be caused by muscle fatigue or excess bodily work. So, when you take a good amount of rest, the body returns to its normal state. 

Another good way to break the fever is to keep your body hydrated and even over hydrated. This will balance the fluid amount in your body and take your vitals back to the normal position. Excess water will help lower the increased body temperature with urine excretion, thereby reducing the fever.

Bottom Line

In old times, people cold-pressed the forehead with a wet towel immersed in the cold (probably ice) water. This is again the most practised way to lower fever. Nowadays, with advancements in medicine and biology, people have invented gel heating and cooling pads that work similarly to a wet towels. You can freeze it up to treat fever or heat it in a microwave oven to treat any sprain in the body.

The most commonly practiced way to counter the fever is to take medicines that the doctor prescribes after a thorough diagnosis. The medicine may be aspirin or Ibuprofen if it is muscular pain. Suppose the fever has occurred as a result of a sore throat or any bodily injury. Then the medication will definitely be different.

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