How to check Ufone number?

How to check ufone number

Ufone is one of the leading digital communication brands in Pakistan. It has brought a revolution in the world of communication through offering stunning services. This mobile network started its operation in 2001 in Pakistan. How to check Ufone number It is well known for its 4G services which work well throughout the country. Many people switch to the Ufone network due to its features and quality services. 

Significance of Sim Number

Most often, people have more than one sim on their phones. They purchase and use the sim of different mobile networks. It is hard to remember and recall the sim numbers. However, when it is required to use the sim number, you do not need to panic. You can avail the services of Ufone to find out about your Ufone number. Hence, you can write down your number on the university application form, bank account opening form, or online forms.

Similarly, you can use it to load the balance on your phone. There are several urgencies when one has to provide the sim number to others. Hence, for all such urgencies, it is best to avail of the services of Ufone for number checks.

Methods to Check Ufone Number

Say goodbye to the complex methods to find out the Ufone number. Rely on the most convenient and easiest ways that reveal your Ufone number to you within seconds. There are multiple ways to check the Ufone number, such as:

Dial Code Method to check ufone number

Suppose you are tired of trying different methods and do not get to know your Ufone number. Then, you must try out the mobile dialer method. In this method, the user can get the Ufone number on their screen by dialing the code. Take the smartphone and open up the dial pad. Now dial the code *780*3# or *1# on the dial pad. You will get the number on your device, which you can save on your smartphone or can share with others when required. 

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SMS Method

Besides the dial code method, there is another highly significant method that is quite popular too. It is none other than the send message method. In the SMS method, the user has to send a message to 667. Go to the message icon on your device screen. Tap at the icon and type MNP and then send it to 667. As soon as your message is delivered, you will get an instant reply to it. The reply will include your Ufone number. You can save this text message on your phone and view it when required. Hence, you do not have to inquire about the Ufone number every time you need to use it. 


If you have quite an old sim in your smartphone about whom you are totally clueless. Then, you can use the number check method to get to know about the sim details. In this way, you can easily encounter your lost sim too. Take out all the Ufone sim in your cupboard or drawer and check for their numbers one by one. Ufone app is another stunning approach for finding the sim number. It also helps in satisfying various other queries.


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