Difference between shares and debentures

Difference between shares and debentures

People like to invest their money to get more and more benefits. They look for a variety of options to do so. The popularity of the stock exchange forces them to consider investing in it. The investment in debentures and shares has got immense hype. 

Shares VS Debentures

The company’s capital is papular as a share. At the same time, the company’s debt refers to as debenture. The company’s funds are the shares. In comparison, the company’s borrowed funds are the debentures.


The people who invest in the company’s share are known as sharers. While the investor who invests in debentures and holds it refer to as debenture holders. Both shares and debentures are the sources of energy money. Investors invest their precious money on both or any of these as per their choice. The shareholder relishes the status of the owner while the debenture holder gets the title of the creditor.

Form of Return

One of the significant differences between both of these is the income earned. When a person earns any amount from his shares, then it is papular as a dividend. However, when the person earns money from the debentures, then it is known as interest.

Payment of Return

The payment of return matters for both shareholders and debenture holders. In the case of shares, the sharer gets the dividend only in case of profit. When the company makes any profit, then the shareholder gets the dividend for it. However, when the company does not make any profit, surely there would be no profit. The payment of return is the opposite in the case of the debenture. The debenture holders get the profit or interest even when there is no generation of revenue. 

Allowable Deduction

The dividend pay to the shareholders without any deductions. However, interest payments to the debenture creditor in the debenture after making a deduction in profit. It is worthy of mentioning that there is no security of payment for the sharers. In comparison, the creditors get the optimum security.

Voting Rights: Difference between shares and debentures

All the sharers get the voting rights, and hence they can select the candidate to whom they like to vote. They are free to take their voting decision as per their ease and choice. However, the debenture holders deprive of voting rights. They cannot select anyone and hence do not get a voting right.

Conversion: Difference between shares and debentures

The fact about the conversion should be known to investors, and hence they can change their decision when they want. There is no possibility of conversion in the case of share purchase. The sharers do not get any opportunity to convert their shares into debenture. However, the scenario is different for debentures. Debentures are convertible into shares whenever you want.

Trust Deed

When it comes to shares, then there is no execution of any trust deed for the sharers. In comparison, debenture holders get the trust deed. There is proper execution of the trust deed for all the debentures. The issuing of the debenture to the general public is impossible without the execution of the trust deed.

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